Mission: Preserving and sharing stories of human enterprise and the power of the water at the great falls of the Willamette River.

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About the Falls:

Willamette Falls, a horse-shoe-shaped basalt cascade that divides the upper and lower reaches of the Willamette River, is an American Heritage River. The 40’ falls lie 14 miles upriver from Portland by car and 26 river miles from the Columbia. 

They were the heart of pioneer industry in the Oregon Territory.

It is the largest waterfall in the Northwestern United States by volume, the sixth in the United States and the seventeenth widest in the world.  It is 1,500 feet wide.

We are partners, stewards and advocates of the culture and heritage at Willamette Falls. Our mission is to preserve and promote awareness of the magnificence and history at Willamette Falls so that it will live in the minds and imaginations of people of all ages.

The Willamette Falls Heritage Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization established to raise funds for historic preservation, education, and other heritage-related programs and advocacy in an area reaching from the mouth of the Clackamas River to the mouth of the Tualatin River.  We have been celebrating industrial history in the falls area since 2002. 

The foundation is also focused on raising public awareness of West Linn oral history and the under-interpreted historic transportation and industrial resources near Willamette Falls. 

Donations to the foundation are tax-deductible. The foundation has no members and is not a grant-making organization.

Willamette Falls Heritage Foundation Mission:

Preserving and sharing the stories of human enterprise and the power of the water at the great falls of the Willamette River.

WFHF 2019 Goals:

* Continue to Enhance Board Capacity and Committee Structure

* Support Transfer of Ownership and Reopening of the Willamette Locks

* Coordinating with PGE and ODFW on ways to preserve and utilize Mill A

* Advocate for Heritage and Preservation Interests Within West Linn Old City Hall District

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Peter Schwarz Photography