Mission: Preserving and sharing stories of human enterprise and the power of the water at the great falls of the Willamette River.

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The Foundation

The Willamette Falls Heritage Foundation is a charitable organization established to raise funds for historic preservation, education, and other heritage-related programs… (read more)

Willamette Falls
Willamette Falls

2019 Goals & Vision Statements

The Foundation set several 2019 goals…  supporting reopening the Locks; making progress on inventorying our collections and developing a management plan for it; and increasing awareness of the Foundation through different media forums. For each of our eleven goals, we created task forces to develop plans and bring back recommendations for implementation to the full Board. (read more)

Important Dates:

WFHF Exec Team Meeting

    TBA for January.

WFHF Communications Meeting:

    TBA for January - 6:00PM - San Blas

WFHF Board Meeting

    TBA for January 7:00 to 8:30PM - Bolton F.H.

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