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Images from around West Linn Paper Mill

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Mill Photo taken January 28, 2017 - Dan Butler

Photos from Peter Schwarz Photography

Nr. 1 Paper Machine Drive Gears

Nr 3 Paper Machine Drive Gears

Gear Cart with Drive Gear for Paper Machine

Iconic Electrical Tower with Osprey Nest

Mill A - Generator Room at top of Stairs

Locker Room at Mill A - Steam Heat runs below each lockerĀ 

Cut Off Saws in Mill A

Originally for Steam Plant, later converted to Hog Fuel Pit - in Mill A

Outside Hog Fuel Pit Mill A

Control Wheels for Turbines at Mill A

Deaerator for original Sterling Boilers - Mill D

Memorial Plaque for Employees serving in World War 2 outside entrance to Mill D

One of the original sections of the mill - Mill J

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Inside Nr. 1 Boiler - Combustion Chamber

Nr. 2 Boiler Builders Plaque

Grinder Room Mill A

Power Meter at Mill A

Locker Room Mill A

Cutoff Saws at Mill A

Boots lined up basement of Steam Plant from days of running Boilers on Oil

Stack for Nr. 1 and 2 Steam Boilers

View of Mill A from top of Steam Plant - A /B Bridge to left - Hog Fuel Conveyor in middle

Spare / Repaired Drive Gears for Nr. 3 Paper Machine

Photos from Peter Schwarz Photography

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