Industry and Arts projects

Industry and Arts projects
Fine Art and Industrial Heritage connect in our Lock Fest poster collection


Lock Fest 2006 was the first to feature an image by nationally-recognized Oregon artist Daniel Robinson, whose work has been showcased on OPB's Oregon Art Beat. Mr. Robinson sells his original oils through the Mercury Gallery in Boston and Charles Hartmann Fine Art in Portland, Oregon. 

Robinson's book, "In Oregon", is a collection of 31 of his striking images of the rural and industrial places and structures he admires, many of which will be instantly recognizable to the communities near Willamette Falls' historic industrial district.  To support Lock Fest, Robinson has allowed us to create a poster series of his images of the West Linn mill area.
(Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, the Willamette Falls Heritage Foundation has been able to donate a copy of "In Oregon" to the permanent collection of West Linn Public Library.)

This striking poster project came together thanks to the energy, generosity and creativity of many partners, including, first, Robinson, who loans us  transparencies of the images; Lisa Wilcox, an Oregon City graphic artist and project manager, who contributed the design work on the poster; JDA Creative Color, of Portland, which faithfully digitized the image, at a discount; West Linn Paper Company, which contributed high-quality, acid-free coated sheet paper; and Bridgetown Printing, in Portland, which agreed to print the poster on the donated paper at a deep discount for our small non-profit. The final stroke of generosity that made the poster possible was a donation from Gramor Development that covered most of the costs of poster production for the first three years.  There was no 2009 poster because Lock Fest 2009 was postponed until the reopening of the Locks in 2010.

A new 2010 poster was introduced at the May 15th Lock Fest, where we celebrated the reopening of the canal and locks on Armed Services Day and thanked the Corps of Engineers for 95 years of stewardship of the canal. 


Limited-edition posters for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2010 are still available, but supply is running low on 2006.  All three posters were instant hits and professionally framed 18 x 24-inch posters have been given away as doorprizes at Lock Fest.

Order your unframed posters from our online Heritage Store, through PayPal, or by mail, to WFHF, PO Box 635, West Linn, OR 97068.   

    18 x 24" posters (unmounted) are available for $25
     12 x 18" version is available for $15 


(A monotype printing activity for all ages)

  Thanks to the generosity of Blue Heron Paper Company, which donated the heavy, high-quality newsprint, and Gramor Development, which paid for the non-toxic, water-soluble inks, rolling pins, plexiglass and other art supplies, young and old tried their hand at making art through the mechanical process of print-making at our first three Lock Fests.  This popular family activity resulted in an array of children's colorful creations hanging from clothespins around the edge of the booth canopy, drying in the sun and adding a bright accent to the heritage display area at the festival.


If you have visited the "Paper+Ink=Art" booth, admired our gorgeous poster, toured the mill or looked at the heritage booths at Lock Fest, with the heavy purring of huge machines in a working mill as your backdrop, we hope you considered the historic importance of paper, as well as the relationship between the mills that make paper and the artists who create and express themselves in print and images.

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